$159,900.00 USD
Location: Granton
Hours: 2593
Model Year: 2011
Stock Number: 177550
Serial Number: 1Z07750YPB0511285

PRWD, KP, ProDrive, High Arch Spout, Inspected and Reconditioned thru Shop, #177550


Kernel Processor: Yes
Axle: PRWD
: Prodrive 2 speed trans 40km/h
: Prodrive full Rear axle 4WD
: Two HID Lights in the Cab Roof
: 2 electric adjust rear view mirrors with heaters
: Autolube for machines with Kernal Processor
: Feed roll straight with replacement teeth
: 40 knives bracket cutterhead
: Hard faced knife bracket holders
: Heavy duty straight grass knife
: Quick change Kernal Processor high wear
: High arch spout wide
: GreenStar harvest lab monitor.+mapping
: Field office
: Winds.washer for rh&lh window
: Single acting hydraulic outlet
: Double acting hydraulic outlet
: Spout rinse
: 2-speed spout rotation
: Additional working lights
: 2nd work light for spout
: Power chute with electric Kernal Processor lift
: Engine block heater
: Extension exhaust pipe
: Ether start kit
: Automatic spout positioning
: Weight carrier with hitch adapt
: 14 ballast plates
: High wear docol chutehigh wear docol chute
: Spout extension