Two John Deere tractors in a field
  • 4240 Universal Display

    4240 Universal Display

    An affordable and portable way to put precision ag to work for you!
    • 8.4-inch touchscreen provides easy-to-use experience
    • High-contrast screen allows you to see your display in bright sunlight, even on open station tractors
    • Basic documentation and AutoTrac come standard

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  • 4640 Universal Display

    4640 Universal Display

    •Improved operating experience for older John Deere tractors and mixed fleets
    •Enhanced data merging capabilities deliver more on-board and off-board flexibility
    •Improved data capture and collection capabilities – providing more accurate Section Control performance and documentation
    •Precisely apply multiple products simultaneously with individual coverage maps and application points

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  • Gen 4 CommandCenter

    Gen 4 CommandCenter

    Premium Activation

    • Activation lets you control machine function and precision ag applications from one display in the cab.
    • Easy-to-use interface features shortcut bar for entering and reviewing information quickly.
    • With JDLink Connect, data is automatically sent to John Deere Operations Center.

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  • AutoTrac Activation

    AutoTrac Activation

    • Gain accuracy, up to +/-1 inch, pass to pass with a StarFire 3000 Receiver
    • Increase profitability and reduce overlap
    • Reduce operator fatigue and time spent in each field
    • Reduce soil compaction and passes

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  • Starfire 6000 Receiver

    Starfire 6000 Receiver

    • Faster pull-in time and improved performance in shaded conditions
    • Choose from a range of differential correction levels from 6-inches to sub-inch accuracy
    • Get in-season repeatability throughout the growing season
    • Rapid Recovery feature can quickly re-acquire lost signals

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  • John Deere Harvest Lab 3000

    John Deere Harvest Lab 3000

    HarvestLab™ and Constituent Sensing

    • Measure yield while harvesting 
    • Accurately, on-the-go measurement of moisture, dry matter, protein, starch, fiber, neutral detergent fiber, acid detergent fiber, and sugar
    • Better determine value of forage when purchasing for Biogas operations
    • Automatically adjust length-of-cut, on the go

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  • Rate Controller 2000

    Rate Controller 2000

    • Reduce the cost of having to purchase multiple rate controllers by controlling both liquid and dry products simultaneously with a single controller.
    • Provides a common rate controller and user interface across multiple machine and implement types including multi-tank air carts, direct injection systems, and dual-boom and tiered-boom systems.

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