Two John Deere tractors in a field
RTK - Real Time Kinematic GPS - provides highly accurate and repeatable GPS correction.

Tractor Central's 18 tower RTK network provides more than 3.5 million acres of coverage! (see where, below)

StarFire 6000 horizontal pass-to-pass accuracy:                                             

SF1: +/- 6.0 in.                       Radio RTK: +/- 1.0 in.
SF3: +/- 1.2 in.                       Mobile RTK: +/- 1.0 in. 

What does pass-to-pass accuracy really mean for the user?

Pass-to-pass accuracy defines how accurate the receiver is at calculating its position over a relatively short (15-minute) window. For each point of that 15-minute window, a pass-to-pass error value is calculated based on the difference between the desired track spacing at the receiver and the actual track spacing based on the receiver’s calculated position. 

StarFire 6000 repeatability:

SF1: no repeatability, position drifts over time        Radio RTK: +/- 1.0 in. long-term repeatability
SF3: +/- 1.2 in. in-season repeatability                 Mobile RTK: +/- 1.0 in. long-term repeatability 

What does repeatability really mean for the operator?

In-season repeatability is critical when using AutoTrac for multiple jobs throughout the growing season. One example would be creating AutoTrac guidance lines during planting, then using those same guidance lines to complete subsequent jobs such as side-dressing fertilizer, post-emerge spraying, and harvesting.

Long-term repeatability is critical when mapping interior and exterior boundaries for later use with Section Control on planters, sprayers, and fertilizer applicators. Long-term repeatability is also critical for growers that use the same AutoTrac guidance lines over multiple seasons for operations like controlled traffic or alternating planter spacing between the rows from a previous season. 

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