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Update BEFORE Your 2021 Season!

As John Deere continues to develop new technology, StarFire™ Network changes were necessary to support the addition of new satellite constellations and additional enhancements. This required the introduction of a new signal. Update your StarFire™ 6000 or StarFire™ 3000 receiver now to operate on the new, enhanced signal without any signal interruption. 

Update Options

» One Receiver: $50   » Each additional receiver: $20  (Updating three receivers = $90 total)
» Greenstar Software Updates: $50     » Each additional: $20

» On farm updates are available, standard travel charges will apply.
» Have an AMS Support Agreement? Your update is included!

Contact your Tractor Central Service Department to Schedule Your Update today!

Or - Follow the step by step instructions here to complete the update yourself

Starfire 3000 & 2630 Display    Starfire 6000 & 2630 Display

Starfire 3000 & Gen 4 Display    Starfire 6000 & Gen 4 Display